Healthy Eating

Incorporate Detoxification Into Your Daily Routine

By On November 29, 2017

A lot of people start off with a juice fast or a detox diet for a few days and this is awesome and is something that everyone should undertake every 3 months… Read More

This month

5 Things To Do In December

By On November 27, 2017

Few things to read, listen or check in December.… Read More


Things That Make Us Happy

By On February 19, 2017

One of the wonderful things about writing a blog is that it makes you stop and pause. There has to be a time for reflection, a chance to stop and look at… Read More


Fit Cookies

By On December 4, 2016

I just love working out and working out makes me really hungry! This is especially true after a good run on a Sunday morning. These cookies are full of protein, healthy fats… Read More


Good Morning Muffins

By On November 27, 2016

Even my kids love these super healthy muffins in the early morning. I make them in my free time so that I can just grab one in the morning on my way… Read More


Unfounded Claims Against Sugar

By On November 8, 2016

Sugar has become the vehicle used by some nutritionists to create a new soapbox. Cut sugar to trim fat! Bust sugar! Break the sugar habit! But what are the facts?   SUGAR… Read More

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