7 New Healthy Blogs I Highly Recommend


I am really quite excited about the current state and simplicity of new healthy blogs on the Internet. I love writing about health and nutrition and I have seen a lot of good writers come and a lot of good writers go.

But every couple years or so, it seems like a fresh wave of writers begins to appear on the scene. If you haven’t noticed, we’re in one right now.

Each writer offers a unique stage of life with unique circumstances and experiences. As a result, each one is able to connect with a different reader or segment of the population. And I think that’s great.

If you are looking for new inspiration, there is no doubt you will find someone on this list below whose voice resonates deeply with yours.


Tone it Up | Karena and Katrina are both trainers. Girls write about health, training and nutrition. They have new programmes and great book. Their video posts on youtube are a perfect motivation.





Kayla Itsines | Kayla offers 12-week diet and fitness regimen that promises the three main result most women seek–smaller inner thighs, toned arms and flat tummies.




Fit Bottomed Girls | Jennifer Walters and Erin Whitehead are the founders of this great blog. Here you will find online fitness classes, videos, and more. The FBG team believes that fit bottoms come in all shapes and sizes, and that good health is about more than just losing weight.



The Happiness Project | This blog is not about fitness, but it about happiness. Writer Gretchen Rubin wrote The Happiness Project book after she realized the “days are long, but the years are short.” She set out to spend a year trying to see if she could “change her life without changing her life” and discover the real, lasting secret to happiness. After the book became an instant best-seller, Rubin turned her attention to her website, and from there, The Happiness Project has evolved into an entire movement dedicated to helping people get more out of their everyday lives by setting specific goals (for example: Instead of deciding you want to “get more fun out of life,” make a goal to play with your dog for 20 minutes every day). Bookmark this site so you can visit it any time you need an instant dose of inspiration. If you’re feeling ambitious, contact Rubin to get and tackle your own “happiness project starter kit.”





The Great Fitness Experiment | Writer and fitness junkie Charlotte Andersen spent a year trying every single workout trend she could get her hands on and documenting what worked, what didn’t, and what she learned. The ensuing result? The Great Fitness Experiment, a hilarious, fresh, in-your-face, and completely honest outlook on the health and fitness industry that’s rarely seen.




Body Rock TV | The founders have been slowly and steadily cataloging a huge inventory of workout videos that you can do at home. Consisting mostly of 12-minute, no-equipment HIIT circuits, Freddy Light and the other founders know that you don’t have to spend hours and hours working out as long as you can fit in one really intense, efficient session. That’s exactly what you get with their 600-plus videos. And unlike YouTube or other video channels, these clips are shot professionally and with fitness models. Oh, and they’re all free!!! If you’re not sure where to start, you can always check out one of the site’s ongoing 30-day challenges.




Mind Fuly Yoga Health | Up top to all the yogis out there! Written by and for yoga experts and fans, the site aims to connect yogis from around the world to each other. This blog has everything you need to encourage you to get out on your mat.



These lists are hard. And even though I spend a considerable amount of time finding really nice and inspiring writing online, I admit my scope is limited. Almost without a doubt I have missed blogs that should be included in the list above.

Use the comment section to spread the word about even more new blogs focused on health. It can be yours or someone else’s. Include the blog name, one link, and a 2-3 sentence description. Thanks.







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