8 Healthy Living Practices At The Office


Did you know that much of your alert time is spend at your place of work with your colleagues? It is unbelievable that the average person spends three quarters of their time interacting with people who are not biological family so to speak. The fact that you spend that much time in the office justifies the need to “make peace” with your office environment.  

It is fortunate that the current working space continues to evolve for the best making the working ambiance more accommodating and user friendly. This evolution however is a two part sword depending on how you choose to take it. It gives you a chance to choose embracing a healthy lifestyle at the office or to drift in a zombie kind of lifestyle.

Life at the office has been made more convenient; for instance devising communication tools that can make it possible to spend an entire day glued at your work station. Despite all these comfort, you should make an initiative to put your health into consideration and practice some healthy lifestyle right at your place of work without requiring any gym materials.

How to stay healthy  while working in an office


Ensure that you take breakfast. Breakfast is a very important meal to start off your day. You should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a middleman and dinner like a pauper. Taking your breakfast well will be able to push you through the day and refrain you from frequent snacking in-between the day.


Hydrate more often – Having water dispensers in the office has really made it easy to stay hydrated throughout the day. If you are unlucky to have water dispensers, carry your own water to the office. You can even download waterlogged on your phone. 

3.  EYES

Paper is slowly being faced off in today’s office space which leaves us with computers and tablets. Eyes are at a higher risk of being strained because of the constant interaction with these gadgets a better part of our time. Taking care of your eyes is part of a healthy lifestyle at the office. There are eye relaxation techniques that make these interactions less strenuous to the eye. Palming is one of these relaxation techniques which is simply having your hands rubbing over your eyes.

Another eye relaxation strategy is to always use spectacles whenever you are working with computers to save your eyes from the direct contact with the computer light, alternatively, you could decide to reduce the light on the screen. Here you can find an article about the programme I use in my computer.


Keep active, move a lot – Make use of the staircases instead of the elevator. Instead of always making requests over the telephone, walk around and get whatever you want from one office to the other. Take a break once in a while and get active. Walk around a little bit as you go for your mid-morning tea break. Use this opportunity to do slight stretches while walking or standing or doing some exercises from the comfort of your chair. Occasionally walking for fresh air within the vicinity also helps refresh your mind which increases productivity. Sitting throughout is not healthy, why you have to stand once in a while which is also great for your body.

5.  LUNCH 

Carry home cooked lunch to work- Most offices have a kitchen which has a refrigerator with a microwave which makes carrying your packed lunch very practical. Buying foods at the cafeteria is an unhealthy affair because most of the available foods usually contain many calories and fast foods are more of what you will get, given they are quick to fix, keeping in mind of the limited lunch hour time at your disposal.


Avoid sugary stuff – Some people cannot help snacking in between meals or snacking to kill boredom or as a way of dealing with work pressure. Just ensure that you carry healthy snacks which will not make you feel guilty as you snack on them regardless.


Put some inspirational quotes or photos in your workspace. Make your own bulletin board to remind yourself to concentrate on your health and wellness goals.


The work place can be filled with a lot of pressure, anxiety and even arguments, which require a little bit of detoxing to wash these draining feelings away. Just like in relationships, arguments are healthy because they are part of communication. However, always try to have a no argument policy. Arguments can be draining and it’s not just worth the time. You can meditate at your space during working time. Mediation can be as simple as sitting upright in your chair and staying quiet. Taking deep breaths is also a way of mediation.


Developing a healthy lifestyle in the office is a habit that anyone can easily adapt to because of the flexibility that comes with it. Given the busy working schedule, it is very easy to lack the time to go for a proper workout. A more reason why embracing healthy living ought to start at the office. 

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