9 Diet Secrets To Help Women Lose Weight by Sarah L. Benning – book review

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There are thousands of diets and losing weight fads right now. I find it all rather overwhelming and discouraging because a lot of people do not know where to start. I think this book is a kind of  light at the end of a long and dark tunnel. It is simple, easy to read and really summarizes the most important steps in losing weight- and keeping it off. What most resonated with me is the idea of becoming healthier, rather than just skinnier.



A lot of people confuse thirst  with hunger. So you can end up eating extra calories when an ice-cold glass of water is what you need. In the first chapter you will find out how much water you need to drink, when to drink and what to drink. 

Deadly Two

There are two calorie monsters in our life. If you will take nothing else awya from this book, follow this “secret” and you’ll look and feel better almost instantly.

Mini Meals

In this chapter you will find why its good to eat several mini-meals during the day. And what exactly those “mini-meals” look like


Stress is constantly around us. And if you don’t know how to handle the stress correctly, your figure and weight pay a huge price. Here you will find great strategies to use soon as you feel that stress coming your way. 

Physical Activities

 Of course, its here as well:) 


Why is breakfast so important and what you should eat for breakfast. 


do we have to have proteins in every meal? What are great sources of protein. Some great ideas to get more protein in your diet.

Evening Snacks

If you’re challenged by eating at night , here you will find simple tips  to help you end that habit nad lose weight you want. 


As you’ve heard many times before, attitude is everything. It affects how you feel , which in turn, affects how you look. How to change your mindset. How to rethink your mantras and how to become more positive. 


This book is really short. Just follow these simple 9 secrets  and you will have power  to lose weight and keep it off. 






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