Beet Juice: To Drink or Not To Drink?


Beetroot juice is my favorite “super food“! Almost every morning I add beetroot to my morning fresh juice in combination with apples, carrots, parsley and ginger. For me, it’s the best start.

When it comes to nutrition and fitness, most people forcefully follow a green diet they don’t like or opt for multi-vitamin pills that contains the necessary nutrients. However, due to the negative side-effects of pills, fitness-enthusiasts have searched for other methods that don’t involve chewing on broccoli or eating boiled food. The solution was and still is vegetables.Juicing vegetables make them more easier to swallow and digest, plus no valuable nutrients are lost.


Each vegetable contains a particular set of nutrients therefore people eat vegetables that corresponds with their desire, preferential taste or dietary goal. People with stress and high blood pressure may eat more broccoli and cauliflower while people with minor vision problems may eat carrots. However, eating 5 vegetables a day is a hassle and habit no one is willing to follow therefore people choose to put them in a blender, blend the vegetables to create a juice that can be served in a variety of ways.


The most common vegetable juice dieticians and fitness gurus recommend is beet juice. The vegetable contains many vital antioxidants and it has also been proved that it can heal many sicknesses, and ailments such as gout and gall bladder. Below are further benefits and advantages of beet juice.


  • Cancer fighter

Scientific research has concluded that beetroot contains cancer preventing antioxidant called Betacyanin which is known to stop the formation of malignant tumours and it also cleanses the body of potentially harmful toxins.

  • Healthy Skin

Regular consumption of beet juice may prevent a lot common skin problems and disorders such as acne. It also helps the body generate healthy hair growth and blemish-free skin.

  • Promotes good eye health.

Beetroot contains two caratenoids known as Lutein and Zeaxanthin which are said to be very beneficial to the retina and can be easily absorbed by the eye.


  • Opens up blood vessels.

The anti-inflammatory nitrates prevalent in beet juice aid in soothing and opening up the blood vessels. Actually, it’s the most beneficial juice for your blood.


  • Diabetes

The super food has an important glucose-leve decreasing antioxidant called. Alpha Lipoic acid which increases insulin activity and sensitivity. The antioxidant also regulates blood sugar level spikes.


  • Fights Dementia

A cup or glass of beet juice daily has been scientifically proven to fight the progression of Dementia. Beetroot nitrates are converted into nitrates by the bacteria existent inside the mouth which in turn could cause the expansion of blood vessels thus resulting to an increased and unrestricted blood flow to the brain.


Beet juice also helps in relieving symptoms of serious disease such as Arthritis, varicose veins, arteriosclerosis and heart conditions.


On a fitness perspective, beet juice contains certain antioxidants that promote stamina and endurance.


Although beet juice has been dubbed the “miracle juice”, it does contain some disadvantages such as:



  • A scratchy throat.

If one overdose on beet juice, chances are the larynx might tighten causing an annoying throat pain. A common side effect is related to all kinds of vegetable juices and apple juice.


  • Nausea

Drinking more than one glass at a time can cause purification reaction, namely: small vertigo or nausea.


  • Kidney Stones

It is recommended that one should refrain from over-drinking beet juice or drinking beet juice while having kidney stones because it might heighten the severity and pain.


  • Beeturia

A harmless side effect whereby one excretes feces that are pink or red in color after drinking too much of beet juice. As harmless as it is, it can be embarrassing and scary:)


In conclusion vegetable juices have been highly recommended for their health-boosting qualities and as alternatives to multi-vitamin pills. Beet juice is a true miracle juice that has proven its worth by healing various ailments and relieving the symptoms of serious diseases. Regular servings are in the right steps towards better health. So go on and try it!!!



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