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Fit Cookies

By On December 4, 2016

I just love working out and working out makes me really hungry! This is especially true after a good run on a Sunday morning. These cookies are full of protein, healthy fats… Read More


Good Morning Muffins

By On November 27, 2016

Even my kids love these super healthy muffins in the early morning. I make them in my free time so that I can just grab one in the morning on my way… Read More


Homemade Vegan Caramels

By On May 29, 2015

  Caramel (/ˈkærəmɛl/ or /ˈkɑrməl/[1][2]) is a beige to dark-brown confectionery product made by heating any of a variety of sugars…..( wikipedia ) But….not ours:) We will make healthy vegan caramel and… Read More


Simple Tiramisu

By On May 15, 2015

The 80/20 principle is no diet — it’s a lifestyle 🙂  The rule is simple: 80 percent of the time you focus on eating clean- good-for-you foods, and 20 percent of the time you… Read More


Raw Cheesecake

By On April 22, 2015

This cashew-based raw cheesecake recipe has no flour, sugar, eggs, cottage cheese. And you do not need to bake it!… Read More


Raw Coconut Balls

By On March 26, 2015

One of the most awesome things about these bites is that they’re also bursting with protein thanks to all the almonds and the cashew nuts, so as well as sating your sweet… Read More

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