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Smoothies and Juices

Juicing vs Blending

By On September 15, 2014

“Should I juice my veggies or should I blend them?” is a common question that I receive on a regular basis.   I do BOTH, and here is why…… Read More

Smoothies and Juices


By On August 27, 2014

Making fantastic smoothies require a few pro tricks. Here are my faves:… Read More


Mistakes Are Just A Part of The Experience….

By On August 13, 2014

You see this beautiful cake?! Yesterday I decided I wanted to bake something special. I found a recipe that I liked, and which seemed like something I could be done for you.… Read More


Playlist for Dinner

By On June 19, 2014

You should always play music when guest are coming. It will help to create the mood you’re trying to set. Choose music that you love , but that also matches the theme of… Read More


The 6 rules for a good coffee

By On March 13, 2014

I just love coffee. Cannot imagine my morning without this drink.  Now when we were all ill in my family, this drink helped me so much to survive in the mornings 🙂… Read More


Herb keeper

By On February 24, 2014

How do you store your fresh herbs? If you don’t have the luxury of an herb garden, where you can snip as needed, then you are probably bringing home bunches of herbs… Read More

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