Celery Soup


Do you like celery?

I just adore. Moreover, in any form – the leaves, stalks and roots. Everything is extremely useful. Celery is not a magic diet food, but it can help you lose weight if used properly as part of an effective weight-loss program. Celery is considered by many a negative-calorie food, which means it takes the body more calories to digest it than the food itself contains. A single stalk of celery has only one calorie. By adding celery to your diet, you can increase your weight loss efforts without much effort.

I use celery in the morning in my fresh juice, I snack on celery throughout the day (as hunger or cravings strike during the day, simply eat a couple of stalks to squelch appetite) and I love this celery soup!


Celery soup.


It is prepared from the usual vegetables: carrots, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, peppers and, of course, celery. Β Tomatoes can be replaced with tomato juice. And be sure to use spices! Spices can help to lose weight and make the soup taste better!


Cut all the vegetables and cook for a very short time, a maximum of 10-12 minutes. Add spices and mix in blender.

You can add a spoonful of pesto and baked peas. Just perfect!


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