Why You Need Personal Coaching


Coaching is a term used to simply imply a relationship that is geared towards making one set the necessary goals that are helpful in improving on a particular area in life. In essence a professional coach helps you to be stronger at what you do. The end result is that you become a better you. Though easily confused with mentoring, coaching is short term in that once self development in an area is reached then the coaching process ends. Mentoring on the other hand is long term and focuses on developing values, character and skills of a person. The mentor is more often than not one who has “been there” before. Nonetheless, the techniques used for both are the same in that they are formulated to help you become a better in who you are and in what you do.


Types of Coaching

Coaches are at work to meet different needs in the society. Their services can be seen in different spheres of our lives and take forms in the relationships between an executive and subordinate, a tutor and students, financial consultant and an investor, marriage coach and couples, parent and child and even a spiritual leader and his followers.

Coaching being of a shorter duration should not be seen as a crisis, it can also be implemented to better what is already good. This is to means that a coach helps both in good and bad times

What a Coach Does

The main purpose for the functioning of any coach is, to help discover horn and nurture concealed potential. The coach motivates and encourages one to growth. They help you towards personal greatness.

The coach schedules one-to-one discussions to help an individual to improve performance in a given area. The coach also helps you to reach to a certain goal faster and much safer. This relationship gives the coach the permission to enter into your world by asking powerful yet necessary questions.

A coach listens attentively and resists getting ahead of the discussions in the bid to want to provide advice. Their role is not to provide advisory suggestions or recommendations.

Though change through coaching may not be instant, the coach exerts patience and empathy towards the clients.

This activity allows the coach to keep track of the progress being made and as such, reviews can be made as desired. It is worth noting that as much as the coach does her work, it is of absolute importance for the person being coached to cooperate and be accountable for every action taken in setting realizing the immediate goals desired.

Coaching creates one’s self awareness. This means that the coach helps you in understanding yourself better. Far from training where directions and instructions are given, coaching aims at personal transition through reflection. As a coach directs and develops you to be better skilled. The help given is not imposed.




Telephone or Face-to-face Coaching

As much as the coaching is aimed at self improvement on an individual, it is interesting to note that it doesn’t have to be done on face to face value. Presently, telephone coaching is gaining popularity among many and it is still an equally effective method. The advantages are that it is convenient and flexible for both the coach and the client especially if they have overly busy schedules. The sessions can be conducted anywhere in the world without the need of an office.

The limitation with face-to-face coaching is that the ample prior preparations need to be done for the meeting to be effected. Besides, the costs implications are high in terms of transport and running expenses if the coach operates from an office or in meeting rooms.


Why You Need Coaching

Personal coaching also known as life coaching is vital if you feel stuck in making some vital decisions. It is worth pointing out that the coach doesn’t provide you with answers but helps you to find the answers yourself.

You certainly need coaching if you are in a place of transitioning or have an action that you need to take and have been procrastinating about whether through fear or simply not being so sure about yourself.

If you have been neglecting yourself over time and you now desire to intentionally begin taking care of yourself, then the services of a coach can come in handy. The coach is able to inspire a sense of self worth and improvement back into your life. This self investment is far much greater since true change begins from within.

We human beings are relational by nature. Sometimes, we find ourselves in relationships that are more detrimental to us. A good coach is able to assist in reorganizing and upgrading our relationships by helping us set higher standards for ourselves and for those we are in associations with.

Good and bad things happen to us all. A great coach is also able help you go through emotionally weighty issues. When things don’t seem to happen your way and all you need is someone whom you can trust to open up to, share and get solutions for your problems, the services of a trustworthy coach are worth seeking after.

As the coach listens to you without any bias, per-conceived ideas or passing any judgment, you are able to fully open up and talk yourself to wholeness. In addition, the information shared in coaching is strictly confidential and so your fears of hearing your stories in the lips of other people can now be put to rest.

Whether through telephone or otherwise, coaching essentially doesn’t take much of your time. It generally runs for about an hour per session. This means that you are able to plan ahead and make time for this worthwhile activity that has immeasurable long term dividends.

The self improvement obtained from coaching is two fold. As the coach works towards making an impact in the life of an individual, in the same breath they also learn about and explore a whole lot of personal issues concerning themselves. This self awareness journey in the long run, makes them better coaches for both you and me.



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Why You Need Personal Coaching

Coaching is a term used to simply imply a relationship that is...
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