Welcome do GoodFoodClinic.com! This blog is all about health. You will find here the great health recipes, blog posts on nutrition, exercise and lots and lots of tips on how to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

My name is Olga Loucka, I live in Prague and I write about nutrition, detox and the joy of movement. I am not a personal trainer,  nor a doctor or a therapist.  I am a nutritionist, a mother of two kids and a wife, who is trying to feel better, look better, act better and do better.




There were so many days in my life when I woke up totally exhausted, in a bad mood and without energy…I looked in the mirror, and honestly speaking I didn’t like what I saw… Yes, there is less sun in the center of Europe. Yes, bad ecology. Yes, hormones. Yes, stress and a lot of work, home, husband, children…Almost all mothers know it. But…. I am not 70 or 80! I am in my 30s. Yes, I have two children, but not seven! So where is the problem??? And I was trying to find the solution.

I have developed several simple rules that first helped me to cope with despair, and then just became the basis of my life and made me really, really happy. And this blog is about those rules. There is a nice Chinese proverb:”Happiness is a decision I make every day when I wake up”. I was trying to hold myself on my life, do not eat this, train like this, do not drink this, blah, blah, blah… Until I have realized that it is not necessary to hold. It is necessary to think correctly and live accordingly – eat right, move right. As soon as you start to do it, without the monastic effort, your body will respond with joy! Everyone who has ever tried to diet knows the end – “Hello, fridge, I’m yours forever! “

I was thinking a lot about my readers and to whom I will dedicate this blog. If you feel happy only when the scales show 48kg, then this blog is not for you. This blog is not about numbers. Numbers will never guarantee that you will be healthy, joyful and full of energy. I want your body to work to maximum and feel energetic at the same time.

Initially, it was experiencing how much more energy/confidence/strength I had after getting fit myself. When friends become increasingly turn to me for advice on nutrition and health, there was an idea to start a blog, where I could share their experiences. Tips on every day, useful books and simple recipes. Also, I wanted to share the incredible knowledge I had received through my education in nutrition. I discovered so many things that I believe needed to be public information, not just for those who can go to school to study in this field. I wanted to set up a non-biased space for people to come and learn about how to take better care of themselves through diet and lifestyle, as I have seen immense changes in myself since making little, positive changes every day.

I was so tired of being bombarded by self-interested media and half-truths about how to look after myself, and I knew I wasn’t alone. Since my education was almost like a user-guide for my body, mind, and spirit, I thought it was time to spread the word! When I discover something new I am simply too excited not to share! We’re all in this together – let’s help each other to be the best we can be! (Yes, I was probably a cheerleader in a past)


What is your education?

I have MBA in Marketing Communications. Parallel to my studies I have actively researched nutrition and healthy lifestyles, testing the theory on my personal experience. Studied Ayurveda, MyPlate guidelines, diet planning, the digestive system, and how nutrients affect energy, wellness and disease, practiced a raw food diet, and eventually came to an approach based on a comprehensive cleansing of the body. Received a degree in Nutrition, Diet and Health Scence (Ashworth, USA).

What is your food philosophy?

A lot of people want to know “what I am” – vegetarian, vegan, raw foodist, fruitarian, macrobiotic…guess what? I am a person who eats! And
I love to be flexible!

I try to eat almost entirely organic food. My diet consists mainly (like, 90%) of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds. I have allergy on eggs, so I don’t eat them,  sometimes I will enjoy some goat or sheep dairy in very small amounts, some lean organic meat and organic fish.

The only label I’ll slap on myself is “whole-food-lover”. Nothing makes me feel better, think better, and look better than whole foods! And the big bonus? I never count calories or worry about my weight because I know that if I eat this way, my body will be in a perfect state of balance and health, naturally.

Here you can check how I start my day.





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