Do’s and Don’ts of Ramona Braganza


Personal trainer Ramona Braganza has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, from Jessica Alba to Jessica Biel . Just for, Ramona revealed her secrets how to stay in shape and how she looks so great at her age. 



・ ・ ・ DO’S ・ ・ ・


1. I try to eat lean and clean most of the time but I do have some indulgences, I enjoy a glass of red wine, some occasional chocolate and piece of pizza. I have a rule I tell people to eat clean 80 % of the time and then 3 meals a week enjoy whatever you like. If you’re trying to lose weight, have half the portion you would normally have, and eat carbs early on in the day, before 3pm. If you eat right 80 per cent of the time, you can eat what you want the rest of the time without feeling guilty.

2. In addition stick to brown everything, brown rice, bread and pasta . I often try to stick to less starchy carbs later in the day more veggies steamed and lots of fish in my diet. For fruit I enjoy berries and oranges a lot. 

3. Goals should be realistic and tangible. What I mean by that is make them real to you, if you want to lose weigh to look good in a bikini for the summer then take you bikini out of the drawer and try it on now, keep it in plain view and try on once a week as you get going on your fitness program. 

4. Combine cardio and circuits for a toned, healthy look… My workout consists of three cardio workouts, two circuits and one core. I go back and forth so that you combine cardio with strength training to give you abs. It’s the intensity and frequency you do these things that make the change.

5. I try to keep active by including a variety of interesting things in my schedule . Mix it up it works better, sometimes I do a dance class, Yoga, kickboxing, but I always do my weights. Do something that will push you… Last time I needed a boost, I ended up signing up for a charity climb up Kilimanjaro! You need to push yourself and think outside of the box. When Jessica Alba was doing Into The Blue she said, “I need to go scuba diving”, so we spent a week with a guide scuba diving every day, and she was ready to do the movie.

6. Snacking includes combining protein and fiber so you will feel full. Things like hummus and carrots or celery, nuts and an apple. 

7. I usually get 8 hours of sleep to feel my best. 

8. I love going to movies, maybe thats why Im in the film business in a round about way as I work with a lot of actors. I also like to read a good book with a glass of red wine, Im currently reading Shantaram set in India as that is where I am working for a month.


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・ ・ ・ DONT’S ・ ・ ・


1. It is not good to overtrain, you must have a day off  for recovery.  Most of my clients are actors, and very driven, and they tend to not take a rest day. Rest days are important for rebuilding muscle tissue that is torn during strength training.

2. Another big mistake most people make is not lifting heavy enough weights. To make adaptations, you must stress the muscle, so you need to lift medium to heavy weights. Diet mistakes include not drinking enough water before, during, and after exercising, and not eating breakfast before a workout.

2. Some bad nutrition habits include eating fast food, not drinking enough water, eating processed foods.  Get rid of that sugar craving…
Go at least two weeks where it’s out of your system – sugar is like a drug. Eventually the craving will slow down and your energy levels will be a lot different. My drinks give you the fibre and protein you need, without the sugar.

3.  You don’t have to do it all at once… If you’re a beginner, do 20 minutes a day three times a week. Then on your second or third week, add a fourth day, and work your way to a full hour programme five days a week. You can do 15 minutes in the morning and evening and go for a long walk, it doesn’t have to be all in one go – just make sure you are moving around for an hour a day.

4. I keep training, sleeping enough and eating light and healthy when I can, not overindulging in food and drinks, no smoking. 🙂

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