Do’s and Don’ts of Shayna Hiller


Beautiful Shayna Hiller  is a world-renowned wellness coach, speaker, author and yoga instructor based in Los Angeles. She is a one-of-a-kind leader who provides effective methods for bridging the gap between the body, mind, and spirit. She helps people learn how to feel their best, physically and emotionally. Her newest book ‘Don’t Judge Me By My Cover’ includes a deeper look into Shayna’s journey and simple steps you can take to live a life of strength and purpose. She is also a certified Health Coach and educates people on the importance of eating whole foods in order to live a whole life. What is she doing to be so cool?


・ ・ ・ DO’S ・ ・ ・

1. I drink at least 2 Liters of water per day, and it is always Essentia water which is alkaline water with electrolytes. It is wonderful since I am active and sweat often! As humans, we are made of mostly water so hydration is more important than food when it comes to optimal health.

2. I eat whole food, and I don’t eat processed food. In other words, if it comes from a plant, I eat it. If it was made in a plant, I don’t. I eat a large quantity of vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach. I drink green juice and/or a green smoothie every day. I love raw food, but I also love cooked food like veggie stews and brown rice and quinoa. I eat an avocado per day every day!  I call myself a ‘flexitarian’.  I trust myself to make smart choices about my food. I do eat organic eggs, I love gluten free pasta with homemade pesto and I also love wild salmon.

3.  Meditation comes in all shapes and sizes. I spent my early twenties in between Costa Rica, India, and New York City. I studied various forms of meditation and resonated with Vipassana meditation. I enjoyed silent retreats. These days, my meditation practice is a part of everything I do. I am conscious and aware to the best of my ability, so even washing the dishes can be a meditation. I also have morning and evening rituals in order to stay balanced and grounded. They involve burning certain incense, playing soft music, and using therapeutic essential oils. I teach meditation and yoga, as it is what radically transformed my life and I aim to share that with my students.

4.  I sleep on average 7 hours per night. I wake up around 9am. I tend to stay up later at night, which is when my brain turns off and my creativity kicks in. Writing is healing for me, and I love writing at night. I use dot suffer form insomnia, but yoga and essential oil therapy cured it. I now sleep like a log straight through the night! Sleep is medicine, and if it’s not happening smoothly, no other bodily functions will run smoothly either.

5.  Relaxation. I love yoga, steam room, sauna, walks in nature, intimacy with my partner, meditation, and deep breathing.


・ ・ ・ DONT’S ・ ・ ・


1. I do not eat dairy, because it doesn’t agree with my body. On occasion I will have a small amount of organic goat cheese but I don’t crave it. I do not choose labels, as I feel that is too restrictive. I trust myself to make smart choices about my food. I do not eat much meat usually.  I also stay away from gluten as it makes me feel bloated and has the potential to have adverse health effects.

2. l don’t smoke or drink except for the occasional glass of wine….

3. I do not eat when I am doing anything else/pre-occupied… never in front of computer and never while driving or walking. Eating is sacred, and in order for the body to properly digest and assimilate our food,we must view food as nourishment instead of just ‘fuel’. I pay attention to chewing when I eat so I can absorb the maximum nutrients from my food. I don’t eat anything processed or artificial… ever. Because it’s not food. If I have a craving (which is rare), I know how to satisfy in in a delicious, healthy way.

4. I don’t wear make up unless I’m on a photo shoot. I used to wear tons of make up and have irritated skin, but since my diet is now majority pure, my skin is always healthy and glowing.

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