Find Time for Training, part 1


The one thing that haunts nearly two thirds of the world’s working class population, getting that time to workout and train yourself. The everyday drama, you sign up for gym hoping that you will get time to loosen up on some excess weight, yet the year ends with your trainer not even being familiar with your face. If you are one of those people thinking your work or the way of life that you live doesn’t allow you time to train, try these solutions for a change, they sure worked on me! And I have two children at home:)

Waking up early

I know this isn’t exactly new news to you but set this as top priority above everything else! If you can’t find time, then you have to make time!

Early mornings are the best times to train because they are much quieter with no distractions. This means one gets to have full concentration and an uninterrupted flow of training, whether in the gym or at your own personal place, there is no better way of training than getting up early. Also, the advantage of training early morning is that once you are done, you can enjoy the rest of the day not having to worry because you had already worked out. Also studies have clearly shown that those who kickstart their days with a workout plan, consume less calories as compared to those who don’t. They also tend to get better and restful sleep during the night. What more can i say to that? Better start setting your alarm an hour earlier than normal.

Get a partner

Having a friend or trainer to train with helps a lot with making a person find that ‘special’ time. When there is another person expecting you to show up for training, you are more likely to show up because you feel that necessity and responsibility. Better yet, why not make training dates with your spouse, thereby not using that time to train but also focus on each other away from the everyday distractions. This works well to increase time with your spouse, and also motivation since you will both be together in it.

I know for some people stairs is something close to a call of death, but believe me, they work like magic. I live on the 5th floor without elevator! And with two babies its sometimes like marathon for me:)  Whether at home or at work, if you find stairs, you better start using them. Consider it a challenge, it it took you only 2 floors on the first day to feel like setting camp there, make sure the next day it takes you 3 floors before you decide to have a breath. Make sure  also to increase your speed with time! The more you go up and down, the better you work your muscles out.

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