Find Time for Training, part 2


When embarking on a fitness program, it can be difficult to fit your exercise into a busy daily lifestyle. However, finding the time to exercise doesn’t have to be so difficult. Try the following ideas for fitting exercise into your daily routine: 

IMG_0941The first part is here – Find Time for Training, part 1. 

Sneak lunch

A lot can happen in an hour, if the gym isn’t far then a quick workout there would do you good. If not, then a room where you could do your own stretching or Yoga will have a big effect on your progress. If those two fail, then a 10-20 minutes walk could also serve to keep your waistline in check! In the end, all of them are better than sitting at your workstation and doing nothing.

Dumbbells at work

If you still have a tight schedule and are rarely free during the course of the day, make sure to cary at least a pair of dumbbells to work. Even if its just for 5 minutes, they could do good for overhead presses or dumbbell curls. If the location is acceptable, squeeze in a few sets of reps, who knows, maybe the boss will join you in your cause for being fit!

Jogging stroller

Many mothers have a hard time babysitting the young ones and at the same time getting time for training. All you need is a jogging stroller, a pair of diapers incase the baby decides to poop where you least expect, and milk for him/her. You would jog with the baby in a park, do some squats in the process, and also let your baby see the world better. Am yet to find a baby who hates going out, if there are there then i need to explore the world a lot more. Also ladies, please note that its jogging and not sprinting, for the sake of the babies, lets maintain a suitable pace.

Try something else

Incase all fails for you to find time to visit your local gym, you could always try another gym, you might never know what a new place may bring up. A good example is the type of music being played, motivational music might just be your type to make you come the next day, or maybe its the people in it. A different gym might just make you feel like your better than most of the others (it happened to me once) and you just find yourself coming the next day because of it.

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