Fresh Peach Cheesecake


No baking! No eggs! No sugar in case you use Sukrin. Great for babies!

P1060430Fresh, perfectly ripe peaches, the juice of which dribbles freely down your chin as you eat them, are the ideal summer fruit.Such perfume and flavor! No embellishment needed. But I couldn’t help myself, as peaches are also lovely as the star ingredient in many desserts, including tarts. Because they are so flavorful, I like to pair them with a light cheesecake filling, as in this refreshing Peach Cheesecake. I have left the peaches unpeeled, but if you prefer, you can peel them first. Just cut a cross in the bottom and blanch them for 30 seconds or so, and the skin will slip off.


Round Baking pan 18 cm

125 g baby cookies

50 g butter

250 g mascarpone

150 g white yogurt

150 g curd/cottage cheese

50 g sukrin/ brown sugar/

1 vanilla pod

3 pieces of white jelly

5 peaches

Make the cake

Mix together cookies and melted butter. Fill in the form and chill.


For filling – mix together mascarpone, yogurt, curd, vanilla and sukrin or brown sugar. Add jelly. ( can be jelly in powder. check instructions! ) Scrape the fiiling into the prepared pan, over the crust.


Cut each peach half into 1/2-inch wedges.  Arrange the wedges over the cheesecake filling, overlapping them in concentric circles and covering the top completely.


Chill for 3 hours. Enjoy!




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