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Being lazy basically means a lack of inclination to do an activity yet you have the ability to do so. Laziness is resented by almost all religions including Christianity, Islam and Buddhism among others. In fact, there are particular scriptures discrediting laziness. Idleness is a weakness and one can overcome laziness the same way one can choose to be lazy.

Overcoming laziness requires focus, self belief and self-motivation. Laziness can be caused by having to attend an activity or a chore that one feels rather routine and boring. Also it can be due to perception of an activity as one that requires a number of people to do it or the feeling of wanting just to relax. Whichever the cause laziness, also termed as idleness, ineptitude or sloth is undesirable.

Off the bed.

Obey your alarm, snoozing it over and over again doesn’t energize you for the future. Once you are up your mind will definitely be set that you need to do something and your body becomes active.

Take Shower

And make it a cold one! Nothing will get you more pumped up then being shocked into motion. Once you take a cold shower it will be nearly impossible to sit back and relax.

laziness2Remain focused on the major problem

At this stage, you are actually dealing with the real cause of you being lazy. You can do the following: in case you are weary, start getting time to relax. It’s crucial for everyone to take brakes and relax. If your schedule is tight thus impossible to take brakes to relax, it’s a high time you start making sacrifices. Other emotion-related causes such as sadness, sorrow and pain require time to fade. At times, music can help introduce change to a routine thus making it enjoyable.

Be orderly.

A haphazard arrangement of a house, desk, office or car can be a motivation downer. Therefore it’s imperative that you try to maintain an organized environment in general.If you are able, change the appearance of your working and home environment to suit your preferences in terms of color, shape and position of items.

laziness1Observe that self-dialogue.

Self-dialogue can cause laziness as wll. Avoid statements such as “I’m just lazy anyway”. Such a dialogue doesn’t solve anything; in fact it only aggravates the situation. Positive thinking is the remedy to negative personal dialogue. Pinterest and the like have made it easy for us to find pictographs that deserve an entire board to themselves. And, for good reason. Reading someone’s commitment to their dreams and goals is enough to jolt you out of your sluggish funk. Find a story or quote that pulls at your heart strings and visualize yourself accomplishing it!

Think about the present.

Too much thinking about the future and /or the past can render you unable to appreciate life as it is in the moment. Taking time to think about the present builds your desire to take advantage of what is at your disposal.

lazyExplore the benefits.

You are likely to think about the present better by exploring the benefits of taking advantage of what is at your disposal. For example, what would be the advantages of going to the gym every morning for at least four months instead of passing time sleeping till noon? Exploring such benefits enables you develop a habit which gradually replaces laziness.

Set attainable goals.

By doing so, you become motivated to do what you have to do for the sake of your long term achievement. When choosing goals, ensure that they involve you in every aspect in terms of your ability, skills, preferences and talent. Further, you should come up with daily subgoals and a journal to help you keep track of your course to attain your long term goal.

Re-evaluate the importance of the goal.

It’s one thing to set a goal and it’s another to maintain the focus of attaining it. As a result, ensure that you remind yourself more often why that particular goal is important to you and only achieving it will give you a sense of success. You are likely to fall into a dead end if you lose sight of your goal. Put all your best effort in what you do and avoiding perfection because it can breed procrastination which is a form of laziness.

Believe in yourself.

By believing that you are able to do an activity works best in replacing your old habit of having no incentive to do a thing. If you encounter hardships in doing so, tell yourself that “I’m not the old me anymore. If someone else can do it so can i!”.

MjAxMi1lMGU1MDA3ZGE1OTI3ZTAzExercise often.

Exercise preferably in the morning will definitely keep you healthy and strengthened all day long. All your body systems including your blood circulation and metabolism are optimized. Exercise calls for healthy living by eating the right food, avoiding junk.

Feel free to ask for help.

Asking for the help of others enable you to get rid of the feeling of going through a struggle alone. For example, if it’s going to the library, get a companion. Such a person puts positive pressure that you can’t expert on yourself. Find a person who understands you, one that will help you overcome your problem of laziness.

Do your assignments as soon as they present themselves.

Cultivate a habit of doing things as they appear. For instance do not wait until the eve of the deadline to prepare the report your boss asked you to. Instead, write it over the time available bit by bit until you are done.

Value success in small quantities count.

Learn to reward yourself even when the success you attain is not as you expected. This boosts your morale greatly which is crucial for your main goal. As a matter of fact, great achievements are realized in small steps. Don’t punish yourself when you are unable to reach your goal because by doing so you label yourself as a person who can’t do anything.

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