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Hungry for change is a captivating documentary that takes an inside look at the perspective of processed food from previously obese subjects. This documentary caught my attention because it deals closely with the topic of health. Health is one of the most overlooked problems all over the world. Obesity is on the rise for generations to come if society does not take precautions to change the outcome of the situation. Hungry for change takes the views of multiple victims of obesity that have changed their lives for the better.

The documentary’s primary focus is to inform the watcher on the health information that most food industries don’t explain. It also goes into depth on how “diet” drinks such, as diet cokes are deceiving. Most carbohydrate drinks such as diet coke, or coke zeros over time do make one fatter over time. Hungry for change also explains how diets don’t work because they are temporary. In most cases the weight doesn’t stay off because of the methods used such as cutting every carb out of every day life. Crash diets are mainly used to lose weight which overtime don’t last and end up making people gain more weight.

Hungry for change also describes how advertisements deceive the public. The documentary explains how advertisements promote unhealthy products in an appealing way. Food industry’s perceives their products as healthy when thin models are shown eating the product and make the public think if they eat it they can have a life just as luxurious. Products make the image of what they are trying to sell more appealing with smiling celebrities on cereal boxes or “FAT FREE” in big letters. The bad ingredients in these products are minimized on the back so consumers cant see what actually is being consumed.

The documentary chosen perfectly illustrates the topic of my choice. Health is a large issue that comes into play in everyone’s life. The documentary speaks the truth telling viewers that food products if not monitored can turn against you and increase the risk of obesity. Hungry for change exemplifies the struggles of living in a society where there is food everywhere, not just food but unhealthy foods.

What I do no like

The message in this film was sound, but it wasn’t enough to make up for the fact that the entire documentary should have been condensed to roughly half its current length. After the first 15 minutes or so, I found myself saying, “They JUST said this!” to every other clip. In a few cases, I think they played the same commentary over, verbatim.

There are a lot of big names in the film, and I agree with the overall message that most of us should be eating far more vegetables. However, this film didn’t really add anything new to the overall dialogue, and it seemed like they were really pushing the whole “juicing” lifestyle. I’m all for more vegetables, and juicing is one good way to get more, but it really takes the joy out of eating. I would have liked to see a slightly more moderate approach.

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