I Run….


I run to dream. I run for my body. I run because I fear to get sick. I run because the folds of my belly say run. I run towards. I run away. I run to feel, to feel, to feel.  I run to keep my head, when all about me are loosing theirs. I run because it’s free, because it’s hard, because people tell me I shouldn’t. I run because there aren’t memberships or green fees. I run to trust myself, my body.  I run because 4.5 billion years of evolution watch me and wonder if I’ll keep using these legs. I run to thank heart and lungs. I run to praise gravity. I run for those who can’t. I run to feel strong. I run until I’m weak.



I run for a view, for a longer view. I run to see my beautiful city. I run to dream and think. I run because it’s fucking hard. I run to listen. I run to know my limits. I run to escape. I run to leave. I run away from all problems, from the stupidity of some things in my life, from human-made world. I run to encourage others to run. I run to write about it and to share it here. I run to meet disaster and triumph. I run on roads at rush hour because passing cars on foot might be one of the best feelings in the world. I run to play. I run for fun. I run to rely on myself, to know that I’m good enough. I run so that I don’t have to stare at my laptop and make these ridiculous lists. I run to think, to follow, to earn that  ice cream. I run from anger. I run from commitment. I run to commit.

I run when the world becomes too sad, too foolish, too simple. I run to feel young. I run to feel strong.  I run knowing that I can lose and start again. I run to feel the unforgiving minute. I run because if everything else fails, if our machinery dies and all we have left are our two legs, I’ll be ready.

I run towards this new world, a world where humans are on the move, always on the move, running and flying and swimming and dancing.

I run away from sitting, eating, my Iphone, my laptop, my TV….

I run to trust only myself
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