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How low should we go with LCHF?

The less carbohydrate you eat the bigger the effects on weight and blood sugar will be. I recommend following the dietary advice as strict as you can. When you’re happy with your weight and health you may gradually try eating more liberally (if you want to).

Here are three examples of how a low-carb meal can look

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Even when fat provides fuel for the body, cell REQUIRE  a small amount of carbohydrates to completely break down fat to release energy. When no carbohydrate is available, the liver cannot break down fat completely. Instead, it produces small compounds called ketone bodies. Most cells can use ketone bodies for energy.

When ketone bodies are produces more quickly than body can use them, ketone levels build up in the blood and can cause a condition known as ketosis. People vulnerable to ketosis include those who consume only small amounts of carbohydrates or who cannot metabolize blood glucose normally. Ketosis is most commonly caused by very low carbohydrate diets, starvation, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, and chronic alcoholism. Ketosis also can develop when fluid intake is too low to allow the kidneys to excrete excess ketone bodies. As the concentration of ketone bodies increases, the blood becomes too acidic. The body loses water as it excretes excess ketones in urine, and dehydration is a common consequence of ketosis.

To prevent ketosis, the body needs a minimum of 50 to 100 grams of carbohydrate daily.

And finally for those who are interested nice document on LCHF


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