Mistakes Are Just A Part of The Experience….

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You see this beautiful cake?! Yesterday I decided I wanted to bake something special. I found a recipe that I liked, and which seemed like something I could be done for you. I read over the list of ingredients and made sure I had everything I was going to need. I carefully laid out all the tools, from the measuring cups to the mixing bowls. I read over the recipe twice to be sure I knew exactly what I was about to do and how I was going to do it.


I was as ready to take on this cooking challenge as I was ever going to be:)


The first step was to lay out the ingredients in the order that I would need them, making sure nothing was in danger of spoiling. I started with the flour, cracked the eggs perfectly, stirred in just the right amount of milk and sugar, and I made sure it was all mixed together. Everything looked the way it was supposed to look when I poured the dough into the mold and slid it into the oven. When the timer was done, I slipped the cake out, let it cool, and then set about decorating it. Look at the pictures!





By the time, I was done the cake looked like something off the cover of a magazine. Look at the pictures! Its looks just perfect! All the berries were so perfectly organized, and I’d even managed to get little dollops of it into a pattern. I’d added some sprinkles, and when it sat there in the cake dish it was everything I’d wanted it to be when I sat down to make it. After I’d admired it for a little while I decided to finally cut a piece, put it on a plate, and have a bite.


piece 2


It tasted awful!


I couldn’t even swallow the first bite. …After I took a long drink of coffee to wash the taste out of my mouth I went back over everything I’d done for faults. There were no faults in the recipe! For a few moments, I was really frustrated. Do I have to lie and give you this “perfect” recipe with gorgeous photos? I’d spent all that time and effort trying to do something, and I’d screwed it up. Now I was going to have to go all the way back to the beginning and start all over again with something new…


That was when I realized something important about the whole cooking experiment I’d just gone through; I’d learned. I have some readers who do not like to cook. And I think that probably somewhere in their lives that made something beautiful but it tasted awful>!!! So they’d stopped cooking! BUT!!!


Maybe I couldn’t make a delicious cake that would win awards, but I’d gotten a sense of what I needed to do. I understood how to combine all of the ingredients, and I knew I could make it look good when it was done. And photos are perfect!


That was when I realized that the cake was a lot like life. No matter what it is you’re doing or what set of instructions you’re following there are going to be mistakes made along the way, especially when it’s your first time. You’re going to get some eggshell in your mix, and you might forget to put enough sugar in. On the other hand you’ll get some things right, like shaping the cake just right, and getting the icing put on in a perfect pattern. If it doesn’t come out right then all you can do is learn, and ask yourself if you want to do it again, and do it better. Or you learn that maybe baking cakes just isn’t what you’re really interested in; that’s a valuable lesson as well.


The point is that mistakes happen; they’re an unavoidable part of life. If you even get too scared to make them then you’re just not going to do anything. It’s far healthier to accept that you won’t get it right every time, and that you’re going to have to work in order to make something that’s really perfect instead of something that just looks perfect until you bite into it.


And please believe me, somethimes all those beautiful photos in magazines are not so tasteful in life!:)


Have a nice day!



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