Most Common Treadmill Mistakes


Most of the people I know have a love-hate relationship with the treadmill. On the one hand, it is sometimes boring, especially when crappy weather forces you to stay inside. ( Bye, view ). On the other, it’s often a necessary evil to get through long winters or recovery periods. Here are the most common mistakes I can see in the gym. And I had to write about it☺

1. You do the same thing over and over again

One of the biggest mistakes is that people are doing the same thing on the treadmill over and over again, and then wonder why they do not see results. A great way to mix things and see the results is an interval workout. Try for example this great app on your iphone.

Beatburn beatburn_treadmill_icon_large-55a2707f74cc6e879bef8849d6cef2ec

BeatBurn features an interactive personal trainer whose voice guides you through each workout, giving you the tips you need to get the most out of your workout and the motivation to keep going no matter how tough it gets. BeatBurn gives you complete control as you move through your workout. Turn the intensity down a bit when you’re struggling or crank it up when you’re ready for more, and your trainer adjusts your workout – and your music – on the fly. You can select from several programmes – walking, running or walking/running. Also, it has several levels.


2. Watching TV Shows/Reading magazines.

Clearing your mind while watching TV is one thing, but working out is another. Instead of really being present and focused, you lose your attention, your posture and your breathing. Sometimes, people will crank their neck to watch TV. Your neck is pulled to the right or left, or dropped forward and one part of the musculature is getting stretched, while another is getting tightened. The longer you are in this position, the higher the risk of injury becomes. And please, leave your magazine for cooling down after the training.





3. Holding the Bars. 

For some people it can be like safety option, but it really suffers your workout. You don’t really work hard and you won’t burn as many calories as you expect. In many cases, if you feel like you need to hold the bars, it’s probably because you are going too fast. You are not ready for such speed level, so slow down. When walking or running on the treadmill, you should keep your hands and arms the way they would naturally fall while walking or running.



4. You Skip the Warmup.


A lot of people skip the warm-up. Sometimes, you are in a hurry and just want to start and to finish, as soon as possible. But skipping the warm-up can lead to injuries. You don’t really need a lot of time. Try some hip circles, toe touches, etc. Just 5 minutes will be sufficient.






5. You Jump off with the Belt Moving at Full Speed.

For some people it might be ok, but for some it may lead to injury. I see many people all the time who come closing to falling down.


Have a nice and safe training next time!!!






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