Making fantastic smoothies require a few pro tricks. Here are my faves:

  • Add Ice Last: This allows the blender to work better.


  • Start Frozen: I have lots of Ziploc baggies in my freezer with portions of frozen papaya, bananas (remove the peel and cut into slices before freezing!), mango, blueberries, peaches and more. This allows me to use less ice, which can water down a smoothie, and also keeps my costs down since there is no spoilage.


  • Crush Curdling: Citrus fruits do not go well with soy milk or sometimes cowʼs milk and can cause them to get a cottage-cheese consistency. If youʼre using citrus, try Almond or Coconut milk instead.


  • Get Ice Creative: You can make ice cubes out of coconut water, orange juice or any other juice. Throw those into the mix and boost the flavor and nutrients.


  • Protein Plus: Feel free to put protein powder into any smoothie. This will slow the absorption into your system and keep you full longer. I prefer vegan protein–soy protein may be harsh on your system, and there are differing claims over whether it is effectively digested or not. Powders come in different flavors, or unflavored.


  • Portion Control: We are not counting calories on this program, however, if you want to be lean and light, you want to exercise balance when eating. The smoothie or juice should be a decent-sized glass full (about 12-16 ounces, about a Starbuckʼs Grande cup). However, drink it slowly, since your body takes about 20 minutes to realize itʼs had enough food.

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