MyPlate and the Food Pyramid


For many years, the “Basic Four” food groups model was used as a nutritional planning guide.  It was developed and promoted by the U.S.Depertment of Agriculture (USDA ) to help people make wise food choices for a healthy diet.

pyramidThis model evolved into the Food Guide Pyramide, first without stairs and later with stairs, which were included in the model to emphasize the role of exercise in good health. Although it is still supported by the USDA, MyPlate is now the current icon and the primary symbol for the accepted dietary guidlines.



On June 2, 2011, the USDA launched MyPlate, its replacement for the outdated and much-maligned Food Pyramid.



The colorful quarters of the plate – green for vegetables, red for fruits, orange for grains, and purple for protein. MyPlate promotes fruits and vegetables, which cover half the circle, with grains and proteins such as meet, fish and poultry a quarter each. Dairy (e.g. a glass of milk or food, such as cheese or yogurt) rests to the side.

Desserts are – well – in the desert, nowhere to be found:)))

Their website is really great.

What you can find there:

1. MyPlate videos – how to prepare snacks, what to cook for kids, funny videos for children and even songs!

2. Printable materials – shopping lists, smaple menus and recipes, materials for children and much much more.

3. BMI calculator, weight management tips, calories tracker and graphic resources.

The only thing I don’t really like is that MyPlate ignores important issues like the healthiest choices for grains, protein, and fat. Equally important, it is silent about avoiding sugary baked goods, breakfast cereals, and drinks, as well as salty processed foods and snacks…What do you think?


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