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PH diet, sometimes known as acid ash diet or alkaline ash diet, refers to a classification of various foods believed to control the acidity and pH state of the various body fluids such as the urine, blood and even the saliva and hence with the potential to prevent and/or treat different body diseases. It helps keep into control the body’s potential hydrogen( pH) ratio and as result prevent any pH imbalances making the human body to function in a particular way through which it protects the invasion of bacterial, viral or even fungal diseases.

For the human body to function properly and effectively, the various body fluid pH must always between the range of 7.3 to 7.4. Since anything that we consume or even metabolize is always in either an acidic or alkaline in nature and that most of the pH imbalances in the human blood stream is due to food acidity, it is therefore advisable that one considers an alkaline diet to keep in check his/her body’s pH. This is also due to the fact acidic environment in the bloodstream is always very susceptible to invasion of the different diseases in our body as it allows for survival of various bacteria, fungi and virus while the alkaline environment cannot entertain them.
Acidic diets also has been proved to allow candida or yeast colonies in the system that continue to grow and expand with time and has a lot of fatal consequences to the system.


The alkaline ash diet include several varieties of vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits, herbs, spices and other form of food seasonings except prunes and plumps and even cranberries.They tend to release alkaline minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium into the system’s bloodstream.
The favorite vegetables should always be; the black vegetables such as cucumber, kale, broccoli; root vegetables like radishes, beets, rutabagas and turnips and the different grasses such as wheat, alfalfa and barley with also low pH content whereas the best fruits are avocados, figs, bananas, limes and lemons.

The pH diet advocates for consumption of more alkaline ash foods such as the ones above and less consumption of the acid ash like foods meat, poultry, eggs, fish among many others. The diet might be a little confusing and therefore people need to know well the pros and cons of the diet itself before opting for it. below are some of the benefits as well as the short comings of the diet;-

1) Weight loss
Among the primary benefits of pH diet is that the pH diet, alkalizing foods such as vegetables and fruits helps a lot in weight loss. When the body has a lot of acid, one gains weight but eating vegetables, fruits and grasses such as barley with high alkaline content helps in neutralizing this acidity thus ensuring that the person loses the accumulated weight.

2) Skin protection and prevention of aging.
This is also another benefit of a pH diet. The skin cells degeneration which causes skin wrinkles making a person look old and also making the skin vulnerable is always caused by the toxins from the acidic foods. Consumption of the alkaline diet foods prevent such toxins and hence protects the skin reversing its glow and elasticity.

3) Boosting the immunity system.
The alkaline environment caused by the diet helps boost the systems immunity and hence prevention of diseases such like flu, allergies, anxiety, colds , depressions among many others. Acidic environments only help the bacteria, fungi and viruses survive while such cannot do so in an alkaline environment.

1) Does not guarantee the prevention and treatment of cancer.
Cancer can also be due to many other factors such as sexually transmitted diseases,smoking e.t.c and not necessarily the consumption of acidic foods such as meat, poultry e.t.c. this implies that being a vegetarian( taking the pH diet) automatically prevents a person from getting cancer.

2) It has also been proven that a person becomes more healthier if he/she involves food fares such as eggs,fish, poultry and meat which also do provide essential minerals like calcium that cannot be obtained from the fruits and vegetables.

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