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Cooking food with high temperature initially started with meat so as to protect mankind from some diseases. However, this art was later applied to all types of foods and at present very few foods are eaten raw even those which were initially meant to be. Raw food is that which has not been subjected to high temperatures in excess of 118 F, a temperature above which the natural enzymes in foods are completely denatured. Eating raw of such foods as nuts, vegetables and fruits which tastes good direct from the trees and bushes helps to bring out our mother nature’s initial intentions into focus. Heating food has been proven scientifically that it not only destroys the nutrients but also the enzymes which are useful in boosting digestion and fighting diseases. a-balanced-raw-food-dietSome scientists even argue that cooking food makes it toxic due to release of radicals while food is cooking which bombards your cells causing chronic conditions such as heart diseases and cancers. So, by adopting a raw diet you can reverse or stop the advancement of those chronic diseases. Since it is said that it is harder to change a man’s diet than to change his religion, here are the advantages you get by adopting a raw diet: Advantages of raw food diet 1. Uncooked foods can cure headache and allergies, 2. Boosts memory and immunity against acute diseases like measles, flu and cold since you maintain a healthy body which is not easily diseased. 3. Improve diabetes and arthritis. 4. Raw foods have better quality and you will therefore eat less to be satisfied since vitamins, proteins and enzymes are all present and there is a good balance of water,nutrients and fiber. This makes it ideal for those individuals who want to lose weight as all your body needs are met. 5. Raw food has its natural flavour, therefore there is no need to add more salt or spices which can irritate your digestive system. 6. Preparation of a raw meal takes less time so you spend little time in the kitchen. 7. Chances of indigestion, gas, heartburns and constipation are greatly reduced especially if you combine your raw food properly. 8. It is environmentally friendly. All the food producing industries would be forced to start organic gardening which would definately improve our air quality through take up of Carbon (iv) oxide and release of oxygen. Energy consumption from oil and nuclear plants would reduce together with the papers and packages of processed foods thereby reversing the greenhouse effect. 9. Since no heating is involved, eating raw reduces the chances of burns and hence it is safe even to your five year old kid. 10. It improves skin appearances. Weight Management A raw diet will help you if you are attempting to lose weight because it is low in fats and calories and high in fiber and plant photochemicals. It also has the advantage in that it leaves you nutritioned since what you eat is high in vitamins, enzymes and minerals. Cooking kills vitamins B and C which are present in fruits and varieties of vegetables. Kind of Raw Foods to Eat: A. Organic Raw Fruits – Ensure you eat only the ones locally or organically grown as the non – organic ones contain plenty of toxins from the pesticides used. Fruits are a great source of critically important nutrients such as vitamins C. They are at the same time low in calories, hence effective for weight loss. B. Vegetables – They are non-toxic, low in calories, high in minerals and vitamins and fiber. They help in making you feel full without increasing fats and calories in your body. C. Nuts and Grains – They are an inexpensive source of proteins which are high in fiber and a good substitute for meat in terms of calories, but outdo the meat in terms of water content and fiber hence reducing your chances of being deprived. D. Seeds – such as of pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and hemp are high in monosaturated fat which keeps our heart healthy, fiber and vitamin E. They are also a great source of proteins, zinc and numerous studies have shown that different kinds of seeds actually prevent weight gain, accumulation of cholesterol and development of heart diseases Β  rawfoodpyramid Drawbacks of Raw food Diet E. For most individuals, the elimination of use of animal products such as meat which are high in proteins, iron, calcium and minerals and vitamins like B12 can become a big problem. You probably have to include vitamin supplements in your diet to bridge the gap. You should also avoid eating uncooked meat as it can be a host of many parasites and bacterias. F. Cooking is also not so bad as it kills some bacterias and avoids food poisoning while still boosting some nutrients such as lycopene and beta-carotene

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