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Kate Moss
Kate Moss

There are certain things you can’t change about your body. Bone structure is set for life and certain areas such as shoulders and hips are obviously more dependent on their bone for shape than fat or muscle. Our bodies are all different, so all of us conforming to the same exercise regime doesn’t make sense. The key is following an exercise programme designed to make the most of the body you were born with.

Body type – Very slim without much body fat

Celebrity Types

Needs to:Β 

Follow a strength – training programme to create muscle mass and shape curves.

Ideal Regime:

Start with a cardio workout such as jogging twice a week for 20 – 30 minutes. This is not to so solely burn fat, but to build up heart and lung fitness. Then include resistance work such as cycling or stepping to increase muscle mass. In addition, build up bode density and upper body strength by doing arm, chest and back exercises using light weights, doing 8 – 12 reps and continuing to the point of muscle fatigue – as in ” I couldn’t do another one! ” In the gym use : chest press, seat row and shoulder press

Danger Zone:

If you ‘re underweight, you have an increased risk of osteoporosis. Strength training will help with this, as will a diet high in calcium ( cheese, yoghurt and oily fish ) to biuld up and mantain healthy bones.

Body Type – The classic pear. Narrow shoulders, small waist, generous hips.

Celebrity Types:

Needs to:

Concentrate on strength training for the upper body and cardio activity to whittle down and often troublesome lower body.

Ideal Regime:

Make it your goal to fit in at least three cardio workouts a week lasting at least 45 minutes. If you can’t make classes at the gym, try swimming, dancing or cycling, working at a low to moderate intensity. In addition, twice a week, slip in a 20 to 40 – minute strength – training session to work the shoulders, back and chest. Defining the muscles in these areas will help you to even out your bottom – heavy proportions.

Danger Zone:

Don’t go EVER to Stairmaster!!!! It will bulk up your bottom half. And remember, you may have a flat stomach, but your bottom and thighs are magnets for fatty foods. So DROP THAT DESSERT!!!!

Body Type: Well built with a tendency to being overweight

Celebrity Type:

Needs to:

Lose weight by reducing calorie intake and burning fat without bulking up

Ideal Body Regime:

Involves constant motion. Workout aerobically Β three to five times a week. Try brisk walking, cycling and circuit training, moving at a moderate pace. Start off with 20 – minute sessions, gradually building up to 40 minutes or more. Twice a week after cardio training, tone the body with light resistance work, doing 12 – 18 reps per one set, then building up to two. Yoga and Pilates are great for this body type as stretching helps to elongate the muscle for a more graceful shape.

Danger Zone:

Avoid working out using heavy weights, as they’ll build up more. Take care when carrying out high impact activities. Although it’s tempting to burn off more calories, if you’ re overweight, your centre of gravity can shift, placing additional weight and unnecessary stress on joints!

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