Simple Weight Loss Strategies that work Like Magic

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Weight loss is widespread among people who are eating unhealthy diet and it is of course the first noticeable sign of the disease. However, you just have to be mindful of whose advice you take when you are looking out to shed some pounds. Your friend says what you need is to cut out carbs, when your gym buddy understands that the secret is to stop eating as soon as it is after 7 p.m. On the other hand, one of your Facebook friends vowed that she will be in swimsuit shape within two weeks if she only eats once in a day. Furthermore, your husband told you that as he sneezed, he discovered that the weight fell off immediately.

However, do any of these weight loss strategies really work? Read on to know the strategies that work like magic to help you shed that additional pounds and keep them off without having to starve yourself, ditch your social life or eat only at odd times of the day.

Enumerated here are best weight loss strategies of all time that will do the magic for you in a short while.

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Cut Down Salt

You need to reduce your salt consumption because too much salt in your diet causes bloating and edema. Adhere to the suggested 1500 mg of salt intake per day. Reduce the quantity of salt you use while cooking and don’t put salt on the table to add to your already prepared meal.

Consume more fiber

Another effective weigh loss strategy that works like magic is eating a combination of soluble and insoluble fiber. This is a sure way to keep fit and avoid the bloated effect that comes with constipation. Oranges, cabbage, broccoli, raspberries and mushrooms are good examples of foods that are rich in fiber.

Concentrate on potassium-rich foods

Potassium helps the body to get rid of excess water, while sodium makes it retain water. The consumption of potassium-rich foods like sweet potatoes and banana can help minimize your middle waist. Nevertheless, make sure that you exercise correctly because there can be flattening as well.

Remain Hydrated

Stay hydrated by drinking sufficient quantity of water. This will ensure that fiber carries out the function of eliminating constipation as well. Failure to drink sufficient water can aggravate your sodium and potassium levels.

Keep away from Digestive stress

Avoid food like fatty foods and sugar that are difficult to digest. Rather, pay attention to simple meals that are produced with whole foods and steamed vegetables to heal the digestive system.

Ditch artificial sweetness

Artificial sweeteners are found in diet, flavored water, low-carbs and sugar-free foods. These artificial sweeteners are not always digested completely by the body and the undigested tend to be fermented by the bacteria in the intestine, causing bloating and gas. In order to avoid maninitol, sorbitol, lacitol and xylitol, check food labels always.

Good Foods for weight loss

. Beans – Beans tend to be high in fiber and protein. As fiber perks up the metabolic rate for the reason that the body takes a long time to break it down, protein assists in building and maintaining muscle mass that will further helps in raising the metabolic rate.

. Spinach – Also known as Palak, Spinach is a good source of various nutrients including magnesium, Vitamin C, iron and potassium. The vitamin C that is present in spinach will increase the metabolic function.

. Capsicum – Referred to as shimla mirch in India, the chemical capsaicin contained in capsicum or bell peppers is good for boosting metabolic. Your body temporily releases stress hormones that speed up your metabolism. As the body tries to cope with the spicy flavor, this burns calories.

. Green Tea – Green tea guarantee weight loss because of the many ingredients like saponins, epigallocatechin, theobromine, vitamins and theophylline it contains. Epigallocatechin (EGCG) which is a compound reduces appetite and boosts metabolic rate.

. Ginger helps greatly in digestion but has a thermic effect by increasing the internal temperature of the body. In other words, it expends more energy. Ginger has cholesterol lowering properties and can therefore speed up the metabolism and help improve cardiovascular health.

Since you will end up gaining weight if you consume more calories than you burn, diet is quite imperative to weight loss program. The above weight loss strategies are all you need to get the tone body you desire. They are safe and free from any adverse effect. Try them out today!

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