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Pilates…Even though this exercise trend will be a centurion in just a couple years, most people still don’t know what it’s all about. The main question that I get asked about Pilates is “Is it like Yoga and stretching?” No, it’s not Yoga, and they have very little in common.

Pilates has come a long way in the last 50 years. It started by being a means of conditioning for a very small group of people (dancers primarily in New York), gradually progressed through the years and exploded as an exercise trend in the 90s. Today true Pilates is more than just a group class at your local gym, it’s an elite form of body conditioning that develops a smart body and effective movement patterns.

I have put together 10 benefits of Pilates that were observed by me with my great instructor – Marta Moravkova.

  1. It’s the best way to get a flat belly especially after pregnancy. I used Pilates to flatten my tummy after two pregnancies  and I got back in shape after just 3 months.
  2. Pilates improves  posture. Pilates puts a lot of emphasis on proper alignment during exercise. It makes you more aware of your body and the right position of your body at all times. It also exercises muscles that are responsible for your posture – the muscles of your trunk. These three facts make Pilates different from all other exercise programs out there and make it more effective for creating a graceful posture.
  3. Pilates helps people who have back pain. Right now I am not talking about people with back injuries or any serious conditions like herniated disks or serious postural deviations. I am talking about people who have pains due to a sedentary lifestyle, muscle tightness and weak muscle tone (and I know that there are millions of people suffering from these conditions).
  4. Pilates helps to lose weight. Pilates itself won’t make you slim in the shortest period of time, but if you add Pilates workouts to your regular cardio routines and combine it with a well-balanced diet then you can expect some really amazing results.
  5. It makes you feel light and relaxed, like you have just had a massage at a spa.
  6. Pilates teaches you body control. It does not isolate any muscles; instead it exercises your body as a whole which does not create any muscle imbalances that are common with other types of exercises. Pilates works the whole body in synergy, which is how we should be moving on a daily basis.
  7. Pilates enhances neuromuscular coordination.
  8. It purifies your mind while it exercises your body. Pilates is a mind and body technique that promotes health of your body as well as health of your mind and inner balance.
  9. Pilates promotes body awareness that changes the way you sit, walk and look.
  10. Pilates helps you to sculpt your body and give it the shape you are dreaming about.


If you’re thinking about trying Pilates, all I can say is do it – but be patient, it is not a quick fix. If you stick with it and have a good instructor you will be able to do moves and exercises that you never thought would be physically possible to do. Try it!



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