The 6 rules for a good coffee

Coffee Grinds 2

I just love coffee. Cannot imagine my morning without this drink. Β Now when we were all ill in my family, this drink helped me so much to survive in the mornings πŸ™‚ And macarons….

Rule 1 : Grind

Grinding coffee is the first step in making a good coffee. It influences the final brew. Coffee should be ground according to one’s most preferred brewing method. There are many types of grinds used depending on the brewing method used. Fine, medium and coarse grinds are used to get the best taste for perfect coffee. The taste in your coffee depends on how you grind it. Coarse grind may be used for French press and cold brew method. One can as well choose to blade or burr coffee, if you opt to blade you can use a blade grinder and a burr grinder if you want to burr. Although blade grinder is cheap it is not advisable to use this because it produces a lot of noise and it lacks consistency making the product to be rough and not complete. Burr grinders are most preferable for French press since it is versatile and precise. Coffee may lose it quality upon grounding thus one is advised to grind just before brewing to get a pleasant coffee with a good taste. Beans are poured on the grinder reservoir then covered. It is then heated on top and allowed to spin so as to make the particles smooth. If you grind for a long period of time the grind becomes fine.


Coffee Grinds 2

Rule 2: Water

Fresh clean water is necessary for a good cup of coffee. Hot spring water or water with activated -charcoal or with taps with carbon filters the best to use. Hot water acts a solvent while brewing the coffee it washes the soluble particles on the grinds and allow them to get into brew. Water taste influences the coffee taste .If the water has a bad taste your coffee will have a bad taste. One should avoid using distilled or softened water. Chlorinated water or off flavors should also be avoided since they ruin the coffee. Some mineral content is needed so as to get good content in your coffee. Coffee may have a bad taste if the water lacks some mineral content in it.




Rule 3: Proportion

To get a good coffee you should use the right proportions. If the ratio is more concentrated on one side you may not get a good coffee. To balance coffee and water ensure you use appropriate amount of ground coffee for the quantity of water you will be using. You may use two level tablespoons or 9 grams per 6 ounces o 170 ml of water. Hence use the right coffee-water ratio to get a pleasant taste.



Rule 4: Temperature

Water temperature is essential to get the best taste from coffee. Hot water will get off of some compounds in the coffee that are bitter than pleasant To get the best coffee temperature should be maintained between 199 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit or about 45 seconds for a full boil. When you decide to use any brewing method one should know that coffee brews anywhere that is from 4 to 8 minutes. .When coffee is left for a long period of time it loses its taste this is due to oil content in it that provides its taste breaks down and evaporate


Rule 5: Fresh beans

It is difficult to obtain a good coffee without fresh beans. It is advisable to purchase fresh beans, you may buy them from any outlet. The worst flavor taste for roasted beans are oxygen and sun light this should be avoided this because they make the storage tubes get covered with coffee oils and which in turn get rancid. To ensure that the coffee beans are always fresh store them in a sealed container. One can use ceramic crocks rubber _gasket seals. Roasted beans should not be put in a freezer or a refrigerator this because the roasted beans readily absorb moisture and food odors. Beans should always be kept dry and in a sealed container at room temperature and in a dark place so to maintain the freshness.


Rule 6: French press

French press is the best way to keep coffee because it allows the contact of water and coffee for a long period of time. French press does not boil the coffee or leave the grounded coffee at the bottom of the cup.


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