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Being fit and strong is about staying in perpetual motion. That might sound obvious….But, for me, those words are reminder, that there’s always a benefit to be achieved by taking action, ANY action, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. I love this phrase not as a command but as a guiding principle for leading a healthy life. Take a second and think about all the “somethings ” in your life that have added up to major accomplishment. Maybe you started taking the stairs or ordering a side salad instead of fries….




This time of year we sometimes feel lazy. Our feeling of excitement can be tinged with anxiety. Most of us have jobs to do, kids to care for, and regular – life -to -do lists. But please, don’t stop. To get back to gym here’s a list of my favorite “something ”

Try a new soup for a lunch once a week.

Sign up for race, or new class.

Work your back muscles.

Put on your earphones.

Buy new gym wear.

ChooseΒ  your words

The words you use can help determine how successful you’ll be. Say, that you ARE going to ace your next challenge, not that you’re going to TRY it. Rather than thinking, I HAVE to do my workout, tell yourself that you GET to push your limits. Say I DON’T QUIT, not I CAN’T quit. These little language swaps turn motivation sapping struggles into empowering opportunities for you to flex your talents, psyching you up to conquer your goals.









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