Top Iphone Apps for Health and Vitality.


Here are my favorite applications that keep me looking and feeling my best, from healthy food to exercise and meditation.



This is the only official Blood Type diet app released by Dr.Peter.D’Adamo. Whether you are new to the blood type diet or a long-time devotee, this application provides the food lists that are right for your type in an easy-to-navigate format. The app is convenient when shopping or dining out and there is also a feature that allows you to shop for households with more than one blood type. In addition to the automatically generated shopping lists and a database that is searchable by ingredients, there is a section on nutritional supplements for your blood type.










Whole Foods Market is an American chain and its collection of recipes are just great!  You can search the database in many ways – by meal type, dietary restrictions, ingredients…Just genius.










Grow and enjoy health habits. Transform yourself with the only app that combines the power of nutrition, fitness, and meditation in one simple platform.
Designed by a world-class physician to help you fight lifestyle diseases.










Everything you need to know about harnessing the power of 24 of the most nutritious foods available.







  • SuperFood HD                                                                               


Form meets function in this beautiful app, which guides you through the best in antioxidant-packed, vitamin-rich ingredients. With an emphasis on raw foods, it is like having a personal nutritionist in your handbag. You’ll never eat the same way again.











When it comes to providing a relaxing soundtrack, there is little to compare with the sounds of nature. This app utilises cutting-edge recording technology to recreate soundscapes of incredible accuracy and atmosphere. With selections including “Daybreak Songbirds”, “Midnight”, “Summer Mountain Valley” and “Soft Forest Rain”, to mention just a few, Naturescapes will allow you to bliss out, refocus and re-energise in even the noisiest surroundings. The work-day commute has never sounded so good.











Stillness of mind is one of the key secrets to healthy living and this elegant application will not only help you begin meditation but guide you along the way as you become more advanced. It features clear directions, tranquil backgrounds and a choice of session lengths, and meditators are offered an impressive array of options and great value. Hailed by The New York Times and Yoga Journal, it is one of the standouts in an ever growing category. Tune in and tune out.











Different practices, different  difficulty levels and different durations combine to offer a choice of many individual sessions. All sessions feature illustrated examples of the all poses in the program, a log to track your progress and updates with new poses.










With a range of guided sessions or the ability to create your own treadmill workout, it’s no wonder over one million devotees have downloaded this company’s sleek applications.

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