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Balancing a blog with kids can be a struggle, and definitely requires a huge amount of planning and organization. I always have the best intentions to train 4/5 times a week, and take great photos, and schedule all my social media posts in advance but that doesn’t usually happen!
For the last few weeks, I’ve loved using the Daily Greatness Training Journal to help keep me on track , and motivate me.
training journal


Daily Greatness produce a selection of journals, designed for focus, growth and organization including a Business Planner Journal and a beautiful Yoga Journal.  The Training Journal is  a great motivational tool to help you make a success of your training in 12 weeks.

training journal


The daily pages will guide you to create healthy habits through the 8 daily steps of training, diet & food journaling , meditation,  gratitude, intentions, stretching, health tips and self-awareness. The weekly and monthly check-ins keep you committed, accountable and motivated. With a 12-week review to celebrate your progress, each stage lays the foundation for achieving your health & fitness goals, reaching your potential and creating a rocking fit body, mind and spirit.


training journal


With a unique combination of a 12-week fitness planner, goal planners, food and exercise journal and inspiration for staying motivated, this journal becomes your very own personal trainer.

training journal


Thinking about the main sections of my training routine has allowed me to break down goals into more tangible steps, and hopefully actually achieve some of things I’ve been intending to do for a while!
The Daily Greatness Training Journal is great for reaching your goals and expanding your training routine, and helping to keep you committed, accountable and motivated. My main problem now is making sure I use my time effectively and not spend too long planning, instead of actually living healthy 🙂


training journal
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