Wake Up and Energise


Not everyone can be a morning person. But instead of slapping the snooze button, chugging caffeine and bolting breakfast, try easing into your day by adding several spa tips and treatments to your morning ritual. A few minutes of simple self-care can help you enjoy the start of each new day.



Start by Dry Brushing

Dry brushing your skin is one of the best ways to get circulation going, helping to oxygenate cells and carry impurities away through the lymph system. Begin with your back, using light pressure, and brush everywhere you can reach comfartably. The lightly brush your arms and legs, but use an upward motion – when stimulating the lymphatic system, always brush toward your chest to move fluids towards your heart.




Exfoliating Scrub

Continue to stimulate your system with an invigorating body scrub, using a sisal face cloth or mitt and an uplifting scented cleansing gel, such as bergamol, lemongrass, or grapefruit. Put a small amount of gel onto wet cloth or mitt and rub it all over your body, using again upward motions. The gentle exfoliation of this revitalising rub will give your skin a healthy-looking morning glow.




Invigorating Shower

Once you ‘re finished cleansing, decrease the temperature of the shower until it’s cold and rinse for 15 seconds, then adjust the temperature back to warm for one or two minutes. End with one more five-second blast of cold water. The transitions from warm to cold stimulate blood flow, which exercises capillary walls and tones tissues while encouraging better circulation.


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Energising Mist

Towel yourself off and, as a final energising step, mist your body with a mixture of 150 ml of water, one teaspoon of olive oil, and three drops each of rosemary and cypress essential oils, blended together in a misting bottle. The olive oil moisturises your skin, while rosemary is energising and cypress stimulates circulation. Allow this ‘morning dew’to air dry on your body. Other energising oils include grapefruit, lemon and orange.



Energising Sense

Give yourself a healthy wake -up call that will have you up and at ’em in body and spirit

  • Drink a tall glass of water: good hydration helps you think more clearly.
  • Take five minutes to stretch your body, to work out the kinks and get your blood pumping.
  • Drink fresh green juice
  • Consider a healthy alternative to coffee: ginger tea promotes circulation, warms the body and aids digestion.


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