What to Eat Before,During and After a Round of Golf: Improve Your Game! Part 2





It’s now clear that winners don’t stock up on a tone of protein bars and gallons of energy drinks. In fact a feature on golf digest recently highlighted a shift to organic, whole food and packed with nutrients and highly bio-available protein. This practice promotes balanced blood sugar allowing consistent mental focus. 

Coffee has too much caffeine, fruit juice and soda contain significant amount of sugar and beer will affect your coordination. Basically pick foods that promote lean muscle development. 

A protein replacement program is also a good investment. Pick a low fat shake or protein bar. Supplements should all be legal to avoid doping.


How often during holes should I eat?

This a frequently asked question that has no individual response. It is dependent on your gender, body size and how much golf you’re playing. However a snacking every four holes is a safe bet for anybody. Stick to healthy energy packed snacks. Avoid over eating as this could weigh you down. In fact snacking during rounds is entirely optional. 

Staying hydrated is still vital. Pack clean filtered water in your water bottle or purchase a bottle of purified or mineral bottled water. Water is a great way to stay cool on a hot summer afternoon.

After the game



This is the post-game recovery meal that signals the end of your day. It shouldn’t be an excuse to indulge in all the unhealthy junk you’ve been avoiding all day though. A beer or two and a glass of wine are permitted just don’t overdo it. A hangover or a bloated tummy isn’t the best thing to carry into the next day.

Instead opt for a combination of protein and carbohydrate rich foods. This should be done as soon as possible to replenish your glycogen reserves. All fluids lost should also be replaced. For every pound lost drink 2 cups of fluids. This should be clean water, low fat yoghurt or fresh fruit juices.

For example three ounces of salmon, one cup of brown rice and two cups of asparagus prepared with olive oil is great post match meal. White and lean meat is preferred if you opt for a sandwich or a burger. 

This is a simple yet useful guide every golfer should adopt. The focus being to maintain high energy levels throughout the day and replacing the lost nutrients afterwards. You could start packing your own snacks to further improve your diet. Hotel food is great but eating it on a daily basis will do more harm than good.

Make healthier nutritional choices and your scorecard will soon be the talk of the club. Good luck! 


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