Lu Rou Fan Recipe

Lu Rou Fan Recipe. Belly with the skin on is a bit too much for me, so i'd remove some of the skin and some of the a simple and delicious recipe with very tender stewed pork, and flavorful hardboiled eggs. The best savoury, rich meat sauce, braised to perfection.

Lu Rou Fan (vegan) Taiwanese meat sauce & rice [w/ music ...
Lu Rou Fan (vegan) Taiwanese meat sauce & rice [w/ music ... from
For example, her recipe introduction (headnote) for this lu rou fan described it as the standard taiwanese standard sunday sauce, or ragu. you can serve it over rice or noodles. Add in hard boiled eggs when there is 20 minutes left of cooking. Lu rou fan is a taiwanese braised pork and rice dish.

It's so popular that almost every taiwanese restaurant has it on their menu.

Product links below are affiliate links. Thank you for supporting the companies that keep this blog going. Lu rou fan is said to have originated in china during the zhou dynasty and somehow found its way to taiwan where it is the country's most iconic comfort food. There are many recipes online, all a bit different.