Hand Pulled Noodles Recipe

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Hand Pulled Noodles (Easier Version) | China Sichuan Food
Hand Pulled Noodles (Easier Version) | China Sichuan Food from www.chinasichuanfood.com
Use tongs to transfer the noodles directly into the pork sauce (save the noodle cooking liquid in case you need it for later). Drop it into the boiling water. Serve the noodles immediately with seasoning or sauce to avoid the noodles sticking from together.

Add oil to the pot and heat, add onion and garlic and fry until fragrant.

It took me years to finally discover the secret to hand pulled noodles. If you're using the homemade hand pulled noodles, follow the instructions for stretching the noodles into the water. Toss the noodles with the desired amount of ginger scallion oil. When boiling, take a piece of noodle and use your hands to stretch and pull the noodle as you drop it into the water.