Pork Rib Roast Recipe

Pork Rib Roast Recipe. This recipe is our own for making a pork rib roast that is very tender and juicy. Pour the white wine over the meat and add the shallots and celery.

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It's stuffed with cloves of garlic and flavored from the inside out,; A pork rib roast is a simpler version of a pork crown roast, which is a pork rib roast tied into a circle. Place pork roast in the bag, seal, and toss until thoroughly coated with the garlic salt mixture.

Pat the roast dry with paper towels.

Pork rib roast is not always available in the supermarket meat case, but you can order it ahead of time by asking your meat department manager or butcher. Roasting the pork at a high temperature for a short period sears the roast and seals it to keep all the juices inside. Pour the wine or chicken broth in the pan. Tie roast to bones with lengths of kitchen twine between ribs.