Promised Land Chocolate Milk

Promised Land Chocolate Milk. About 10 years ago the promised land chocolate milk quart size came in glass bottles as i saved one for some weird unknown reason, but i guess the shipping weight of glass became prohibitive as the dairy expanded and then there's breakage, so they eventually switched to plastic. It's loaded with natural flavor but has no artificial colors or hormones, making it a wholesome indulgence the whole family can enjoy.

Promised Land 2% Reduced Fat Midnight Chocolate Milk, 1 Qt ...
Promised Land 2% Reduced Fat Midnight Chocolate Milk, 1 Qt ... from
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So, enjoy the extraordinarily rich chocolate flavor of promised land dairy midnight chocolate milk and feel good knowing this family favorite is as wholesome as they come.

40% includes 20g added sugars. Made from jersey cows, this milk is creamier and naturally higher in protein and calcium than other brands. If you enjoy the decadent richness of our 2% midnight chocolate milk, then you'll definitely want to experience our dreamy white and other delicious flavored milks, as well. Promised land milk homogenized vitamin d whole white 1 quart pack of 3.