What Is A Tcs Food

What Is A Tcs Food. Tcs food requires time and temperature controls to prevent the growth of microorganisms and the production of toxins. Those items are known as tcs food.

TCS Food and Food Safety
TCS Food and Food Safety from foodsafetytrainingcertification.com
Tcs food is the type of food that needs careful monitoring of time and temperature to prevent bacterial growth that can cause foodborne illnesses. The shrimp has a use by date of april 8th and the scallops' use by date is april 10. Milk and other dairy products

Tcs foods in the temperature danger zone will grow bacteria quickly and can easily become hazardous.

Tcs foods are high in carbohydrate and protein levels (what bacteria feed on) and contain moisture. Storage for tcs food should be at a temperature of 41° or lower and then discarded if not consumed within seven days. Move foods through the tdz too quickly for unsafe pathogen levels to form. Here is a list of these tcs (time and temperature control for safety) foods and some general food safety guidelines: