What Is A Food Mill

What Is A Food Mill. Either by manual crank or electric motor, blades crush and force soft foods through the perforated holes of a plate into a bowl. Food mills are an old fashioned kitchen tool.

Moulinex Food Mill | Williams Sonoma
Moulinex Food Mill | Williams Sonoma from www.williams-sonoma.com
A food mill consists of a hand crank attached to a bowl, typically with three or four perforated disks of various textures that attach to the bottom of the bowl. A food mill is a sieve with muscle. Food mills, sometimes called rotary food mills, are used to grind and puree foods to make soups, applesauce, baby food, or sauces.

I was wondering what the differences are between a food mill and a food processor.

While not a vitally necessary kitchen tool, a food mill can certainly come in handy around the kitchen, so acquiring one is a good idea. As you turn the crank, a grinding plate mashes the food against the perforated disk, causing the desired pulp to go through while sieving out the undesirable skin and seeds. I'm a young cook with only the supplies handed down to me by mom, so needless to say i don't have one. The food mill isn't as common as other tools but it's definitely a must in the kitchen.