Vegas Bomb Shot Recipe

Vegas Bomb Shot Recipe. The best guess is that the drink started in the vegas party scene. The vegas bomb is a cocktail made from a royal flush shot and an energy drink—usually red bull.

Vegas Bomb Shot & Drink Recipe | Bar and Drink
Vegas Bomb Shot & Drink Recipe | Bar and Drink from
The vegas bomb cocktail shot's popularity came from the fact that it mixes a powerful alcoholic punch with excellent flavor. Pour 1/2 oz of crown royal and 1/2 oz dekuyper butterscotch schnapps in a shot glass. As a city with high rollers and.

Drop the crown royal shot into a glass of red bull before chugging the whole thing.

Vegas bomb is an upgrade of the royal flush shot. Drop the shot glass containing the whiskey, rum, and schnapps mixture into the glass containing the red bull. The drink has been around for quite a while now. Because of the deceiving potency and great taste, the vegas bomb is a great drink to add to your bartending arsenal.