What Does Almond Milk Taste Like

What Does Almond Milk Taste Like. Generally, if you've never tried almond milk before you'll probably think that it overwhelmingly tastes like almonds. The natural sweetness of almond milk means that it is delicious when used to create a protein shake or eat unsweetened cereal.

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By the way, most almond flavorings or almond extracts are made from bitter almond (caganer beat me to this). Of course, this all depends on people's tastes. If you made your own almond milk or bought a bottle of fresh stuff from a small producer, you've only got about five to 7 days before it will start to smell funky and clump up.

This slightly malty milk has massive personality, bold almond flavor and more complexity, due to the extra step of sprouting the almonds in water prior to processing.

Compared to regular milk, even the unsweetened variety is noticeably sweet and has a hint of that nutty almond taste. Many companies make flavored almond milk, such as chocolate or vanilla, but they are high in added sugar. When fresh almond milk goes bad whether you make your own or you're lucky enough to have access to small producers like notmilk, it's actually pretty easy to determine when it's time to toss your. To make your very own almond milk just the way you like it, give one of these a try!