Do Cats Like Milk

Do Cats Like Milk. But even if your cat does not get sick when drinking milk, remember that the fat content in milk can cause weight gain. Cats love the taste of milk because it is high in fat.

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The short answer is yes, your cat can drink goat's milk, and there may be some health benefits associated with it as well. One of the cats' favorite treats is milk! The issue as far as it being bad for them is th.

The only time animals are exposed to lactose is when they're babies — in their mother's milk, case says.

In fact, it always seems that cats love milk. Just like humans, some cats can't digest lactose, a milk sugar that's found in dairy. And while milk provides nutritional benefits to humans, this isn't true for cats. Many cats will have diarrhea, bloating and gas from lactose containing milk.