Does Milk Make You Taller

Does Milk Make You Taller. Pediatric endocrinologist mark deboer told newsweek, this study does fit with prior research showing cow's milk is associated with taller stature over time, although it may have more to do with the hormones added to the milk. That is why in this article, we'll be exploring potential ways you can get taller.

Does Drinking Milk Make You Grow Taller and Faster?
Does Drinking Milk Make You Grow Taller and Faster? from
Did you know that drinking milk can make you taller. Another study found that girls who drank three glasses of milk per day were 2.3 cm taller in comparison to women who had just one glass of milk per day. Proteins are our body's building blocks.

Milk is rich in magnesium and calcium.

This study is observational and it is possible that the chance still exist in this study. Generally, the best time to drink milk is before going to bed at night. Whey and casein, both of which can help promote growth. How truthful and logically sound are these claims?