Minecraft Smooth Stone Recipe

Minecraft Smooth Stone Recipe. When mined without a pickaxe. In our example, we use coal as fuel.

Stone - Official Minecraft Wiki
Stone - Official Minecraft Wiki from gamepedia.cursecdn.com
Literally, smooth stone made by cooking the stone in this game. You should see the flames cooking the stone. It is one of the oldest blocks in the game, and players can smelt stone blocks in a furnace to get smooth stones.

No affected by gravity :

Smooth stone is a block added by vanilla minecraft. Learn how to make minecraft smooth stone basically, you have to find some cobblestones, the most common type of stone in minecraft, then collect some coal you will need to get your furnace running and, at the end, you will build a furnace to mix a few things up to get a smooth stone. Stone is a block found underground in the overworld or on the surface of mountains. Smooth sandstone is a craftable block that is used for the decoration.