Garlic Herb Butter Recipe

Garlic Herb Butter Recipe. Once everything is ready, combine the butter, salt (if you're using unsalted butter), minced garlic, fresh parsley and herbs, and black pepper. Your butter will probably be a little creamy.

Garlic Scape Herb Compound Butter | Scape recipe ...
Garlic Scape Herb Compound Butter | Scape recipe ... from
How to make garlic herb butter: We receive compensation for purchases made through affiliate links. Mince garlic, parsley, and basil.

Onion, butter, lemon juice, fresh chives, fresh parsley, chicken broth.

What type of butter should i use for this garlic herb compound butter? Sear the other side for about 2 minutes, then sear the edges of the steak. Let the butter soften after the flavors have blended for easier spreading. For longer storage, form into a log or press into ice cube trays, and wrap tightly with plastic wrap;