Oxygen Not Included Food

Oxygen Not Included Food. The best oxygen not included foods to keep your dupes smiling (and stuffed) feeding a few dupes is easy when they crash land in the middle of an asteroid and don't expect much. Food is one of the most important resources in oxygen not included.

No Rabbit Food! - Oxygen Not Included Gameplay ...
No Rabbit Food! - Oxygen Not Included Gameplay ... from i.ytimg.com
Each build includes exposition regarding the room's role, advantages, and design philosophy. So when a dupe goes to the outhouse at the end of a cycle, 200k food poisoning germs are generated and some of them end up on the little guy. Algae does not provide food, instead it makes oxygen.

Those are eliminated when he uses the wash basin.

Beginner's guide (tips, tricks & strategies) a guide explaining how to get started in the 2d world of oxygen not included. If he doesn't, they stay on him and get spread around on things he. The problem with 1,2, and 3 tile deep food pits is that sometimes oxygen dips down there and spoils it bit by bit over time. Food items that are not refrigerated, nor stored in sterile environment will spoil and eventually turn into rot piles.