Protein Ice Cream Recipe

Protein Ice Cream Recipe. The ice cream is packed full of protein and other essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals. Don't use a whisk or spoon because the aim is to end up with a mixture that's creamy, not lumpy.

High Protein Ice Cream Recipes Tricks for Success
High Protein Ice Cream Recipes Tricks for Success from
Put the curn into the machine and then put the top on. Method 1 using ice cream maker. Run for 10 more minutes or until ice cream reaches desired hardness.

In a large food processor, blend ice until fine, like shaved ice.

This easy low calorie, high protein ice cream is a game changer! Using a food processor, handheld blender, or mixer, blend all ingredients together. Add your vanilla protein powder and granulated sweetener and blend until thick and creamy. It's simple with this recipe for making the best protein ice cream ever for an easy high protein dessert.