Mint Simple Syrup Recipe

Mint Simple Syrup Recipe. Mint syrup is also useful for sweetening and adding flavor to beverages of all sorts. Pour syrup through a fine sieve, pressing hard on solids, and cool.

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This mint simple syrup is perfect for the holidays! Mint simple syrup is versatile. Use the mint simple syrup in your favorite mint julep recipe, throwing a few fresh leaves in for color and garnish.

Mint simple syrup is as easy to make and use as regular simple syrup, and the portions can be modified to produce any volume you desire.

Learn how to make simple syrup, a list of drinks to use it in, plus the best. White granulated sugar is the standard sweetener, but once you've mastered measuring might be the most complicated part of making simple syrup. Simmer syrup, undisturbed, 2 minutes. Extract leaves of mint by your hand.