Ooni Pizza Oven Review

Ooni Pizza Oven Review. The oven cooks 16'' pizzas, and it runs with many types of fuel: The oven proved easy to transport as it weighs only 20 pounds and the legs fold in.

Ooni Koda - Pizza Oven Review | Busted Wallet
Ooni Koda - Pizza Oven Review | Busted Wallet from bustedwallet.com
It's a product of ooni limited, which is a company founded in scotland but the manufacturing of its ovens is done in china. Ooni koda 16 oven cooks 16″ pizzas. Here are the basic specs:

All great things can be improved upon, and ooni successfully proved this with their ooni 3 model.

We tested it and in this review, we'll share our views regarding its design, performance, assembly and many more. It's best for portability, weighing only 26.5 lbs. It's also lightweight so it's portable, reaches temperatures of more than 900 degrees, and can be used with charcoal, wood, or gas. The unit weighs approximately 40 pounds.